Mother Abandons Kids with Dad, Now Wants to See Them Again

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“A good friend of mine up and moved from Abilene, KS to Wichita, KS. She has 3 children which she has/had (not sure of the exact case) joint custody.  The father of her kids, her ex-husband, reported them as abandoned when she dropped them off at his parent’s house, where they normally stay when she was unable to watch them due to her schedule.  She has since moved back to Abilene, KS, after realizing she made a mistake.  Is there any process for her to get guaranteed visitation rights or custody of her kids again?”

The Court will not separate children from a parent unless there are *serious* issues with that parent.  In this case, your friend should have alerted the father *and* the Court handling her custody case that she intended to move.  If the father is preventing your friend from seeing her children, she should contact an attorney who practices family law to discuss her options and guide her through the custody process.  If finances are an issue, she can contact the local Bar Association for a list of pro bono family law attorneys who will help her either for free or for a fee based on her income.