Maximum Number of Red Light Violations for Which One Can Be Held Liable?

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“I was just found guilty of running FOUR consecutive red lights in NYC. My fine is $2000. If I don’t pay the balance shortly my license will be suspended. Is there a maximum number of red light violations that I can be liable for? I’m hoping to get just one dismissed after the fact – that would be a great relief.”

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Yes, there is a maximum number of red violations for which you can be held liable: you cannot be held liable for any more red light violations than you actually commit.

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Author: Anne P. Mitchell, Esq.

Anne P. Mitchell, Esq. is a noted family law expert, Internet law expert, and Professor of Law at Lincoln Law School of San Jose. She is the author of "Surviving Divorce: the Single Father's Guide" and "The Email Deliverability Handbook"