I’ve Sign a Contract and Paid a Deposit for my Newly Built Condo But now the Builders aren’t Accepting the Price, What can I do?

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“I have signed a contract and paid a deposit to buy a new condo, which is finished, from the builder. The sales person gave discount on the price and everything is written in the contact. Now one of the sales person calls and tell me that the builders have not accepted the price, and they will give back the deposit money. The sales guy whom we spoke and signed the contract has the left the company. I don’t want to take the deposit back but want to buy that condo. what can i do?”

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Consult with a local attorney immediately. You will need a detailed review of the contract you signed in order to determine whether it is enforceable. My guess, unfortunately, is that there will be something in there which allows the owner to accept or reject it, even after the salesperson signs it. However, you should not give up without checking the matter.

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