Is There a Way to Put my Name on my Stepson’s Birth Certificate?

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“I married my wife in late 2007…she had a son with another man in 2004 out of wedlock and did not list the biological father on the birth certificate. They agreed to no visitation and no child support to be paid, and he has not challenged us in court at all. Is there a way I can place my name on my son’s birth certificate so that he is my son and not just a “step-son”? I’ve raised him as my own since early 2006. My wife and I also have a biological child born to us in 2008.”

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Provided that the biological father agrees, you can adopt your wife’s son in a fairly straight-forward adoption action. Whether the birth certificate can be amended to include you, however, is another matter, and will depend on several factors. You should consult with an adoption attorney in your state, who can both help you with the adoption, if that is the route that you choose, and who can answer your question about putting your name on the birth certificate.

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