In a Clothing Store a Man was Peeking Underneath my Dressing Room Door as I Changed, Is the Store Responsible for my Trauma and Distress?

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“In the State of Maryland are there any laws which govern how male and female dressing rooms are to be managed/configured in a clothing store? I recently was in a dressing room at a clothing store when I noticed that a man was on the floor looking at me from under the dressing room door while I was changing (I am female). The dressing rooms are in the back of the store in a corner. Does the establishment bear any responsibility for my trauma and distress?”

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You would be most likely to have a cause of action against the man himself, for invasion of privacy. However you may also have a case against the store – whether or not it would fly will depend heavily on the facts. The best advise would be to have a consultation with a Maryland personal injury attorney, who is familiar with Maryland law. Such a consultation should be free.

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