If I was Adopted, Am I Entitled to any of my Birth Father’s Estate?

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“I was born to a very prominent Miami family (fathers side) My mother placed me with the State of Florida in 1959. My state Case Worker gave me copies of my state file. I know who my father is because of the file. I was eventually adopted and after 13 years removed for child abuse. MY QUESTION: Do I have any legal entitlements under Florida law as an heir to this man. He has never married. Unlike many adopted children in Florida I DO know who my biological father is.”

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If your father has a will, and he wills things to “his children” you would have the right to inherit. If he does not have a will, then you would have a right to some proportionate share in his estate by intestate succession. If he has a will but does not know about you, and you think he might will you something if he did, get to know him.

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