I Was Pressured into Signing My Divorce Papers. Can I Get Them Changed?

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‘Hi, I was wondering if I can claim distress when I signed my divorce papers. I don’t agree with them and I didn’t when I signed them. My ex-wife just kept pressuring me and telling me that she would make it so I could never see my child if I didn’t sign them. She said that on the grounds of me attempting suicide she could take my rights and I was scared. I didn’t have a job for the most of the time when I was with her; I was a stay-at-home dad. She is currently engaged to a sex offender and telling me I have to pay 50 dollars a week in order to see my child. She makes like $5000 dollars a month and she still wants my 50 dollars a week??? Is there anything I can do??’

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As I understand it, you want to know whether you can have the Judge declare and order that the divorce agreement which you signed is void and should not be enforced. This is because, you say, you were forced into signing it because of the threats your ex-wife made.

You will need to show the Judge that the threats and other things that took place made it impossible for you to make a decision of your own free will, that you were really and actually forced into signing. It will be important to know whether you had an attorney helping you, and there will be a lot of other things which will be important in making this argument.

I must tell you that it is pretty difficult in normal circumstances to sign a divorce agreement and later change your mind. You will need to present a strong argument to the judge.

She is engaged to a convicted sex offender, and your child is in the house with him? You should try to persuade the Judge to order that the child not be allowed to live there in the same house with him. You may want to have the Judge order that the child live with you.

You can see there are several things you can do; a good divorce attorney will be able to assist you a great deal.

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