I Rent Out Bounce Houses, Am I Liable if Someone Gets Hurt?

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“I run a small rental business. I rent inflatable bounce houses for children’s parties. I am interested in setting up at our local farmer’s market. When I rent at a party I have the parents sign a liability form which releases me from any liability in the event of injury. That type of form is difficult at a farmer’s market. I am wondering if I am protecting myself by making a sign that basically says, use at your own risk and having the parents read it.”

Question: The sign alone will not be enough to protect you; in fact, in your line of business, neither is the waiver that the parents sign. You should look into getting a liability insurance policy. In addition, when setting up at the farmer’s market, consider having the organizers of the farmer’s market sign a contract which includes that *they* have insurance which will cover and indemnify you in the event that someone is injured while you are performing service on their premises.