I Never Collected Child Support from my Daughter’s Father, Now that She’s Older can I Start Collecting Child Support?

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“My daughter is now 19 years old. Here father and I were never married and I did not pursue Child Support from him. Reason – He was a heroin addict and I knew he would never have any money; however I never denied him or his family the right to see her. He of course never did, his parents did. She has been in contact with him over the last few years. He continually tells her how well his business is doing, but when she asked for a small amount of money he became ballistic with her. I want her to be able to get some money from this man, is there anyway that she can do that?”

Question: This will depend in large part on whether there was ever an order made for child support. While you say that you did not pursue child support, it’s unclear whether there was ever an order for child support. If there was, then he is in arrears and you should be able to get the Office of Child Support Enforcement (usually in the same office as the District Attorney) to help collect the back support. However, if there was never an order for child support, then it is much less likely that you would be able to get any money for her. That said, in some states, under some circumstances, there can be a duty to support a child who is in college full-time, so you may wish to consult with a local attorney to see if any such options exist for your daughter.