I Gave a Lawyer Access to my Checking Account for Billing Purposes and Now I have a Negative Balance, Is This Legal? What can I do?

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“A law firm attached his fees to my checking account. At the time my balance was $1.22, currently my Available Balance is over -$2,000 with a Running Balance of ($98.00). What exactly does this mean? The amount debited on Sept 25, 2008 was $100.00. Can he do this? I’m current unemployed looking for a job should I close down this account? When I find a job and deposit my checks will they take all of the money from my check? What can I do?”

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While the laws governing banking, and creditor and debtor rights, are very complicated and governed by both Federal and state law, the bottom line isn’t really “can” he do that – he DID do it.

You need to talk with your *bank* to find out what your options are, and get this taken care of as soon as possible, as otherwise the fees are just going to snowball on you.

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