I Fear that my Grandchildren who Live Out of State are being Abused, What can I do?

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“I live in Louisiana, my grandchildren live in Florida. They are visiting for the Christmas Holiday and have told me some things that have concerned me. Their father is calling the Fourteen Year Old boy a “bitch” and a “pussy.” He threw the child on the ground cutting his elbow in the process all over a basketball game that was played at home. They have treated the two children as slaves. The children have spoken to Child Protection but the step mother always seems to clear the air so to speak. The Twelve Year Old girl is having to do all the work the step mother should be doing, i.e., giving her Four year Old brother his baths, feeding him and doing most of the cooking and cleaning. What can be done about this? They are to scared to say any more to any one due to the trouble they get in when they do.”

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Reporting it to Child Protection is the right thing to do. They must make their investigation and recommendations. The case workers likely have a lot to do, but they usually should err on the side of caution. It appears that your daughter (the other parent) is out of the picture, or I would advise that she try to gain custody of the children.

Having the daughter help with the four year old is likely not abuse. Basketball games can get rough. Name calling is not nice, but I’m not sure that his would constitute abuse by itself.

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