How to Collect Back Child Support After Moving out of State

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“My husband was awarded physical custody of his two children, at the time his ex was not working. She was ordered to provide paystubs to our attorney but failed to do so and we could not keep him on retainer. We have repeatedly asked her for this information but she has continued to deny it. She was ordered to pay 30% of unpaid medical and has yet to do so. This has been going on for four years. The court order was done in Arizona and we live in New Mexico. How can we go about filing to get child support set up without having to go back to AZ? We have complied with all our part of the court order such as visitation. We feel she should have to do the same. Thank you.”

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The easiest way would be to go through your local district attorney’s office of child support enforcement. Be sure to bring your court order and any information you have which supports that she may be working, with you. They should be able to help you, as that’s what those offices are set up to do.

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