My Child’s Name is in the Department of Children and Family Services Database even though my Child has Never been with the Agency, What Should I do?

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“I just spoken with DCFS Admininistrator Office about my child name keep showing up in the computer as being with an agency. However, my child has never been with an agency. I mention to the Administrator Staff that the case was closed a year ago. She looked up the information and found that the people that was working on my case suppose to have closed the case but did not. My question is? What court forms do I need to present to the Judge to show that DCFS did not close the case as she instructed?”

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The best person to ask this question is the Clerk of Courts for the court in which the case was being held. Rules about these things change not just from state to state, but even county to county, but the Clerk of Courts is always the best person to ask when one has a question about what paperwork needs to be filled out.

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