How Can My Daughter Enforce Her Property Rights?

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My daughter just bought a home and she has a lot of property behind her home that the neighbor has claimed she owns. According to the deed it shows that my daughter owns at least half the garage. The neighbor constantly harasses my daughter and has called the police on her many times. The neighbor has been there many years and it’s just a big fight. What can she do?

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What you’re asking is more of a practical question than a legal one. The neighbor is either right or wrong, and I can’t tell which based on your description. However, let’s assume that she’s wrong, and that your daughter is actually the owner.

For starters, what have the police done when they were called out? If they’ve sided with the neighbor, then you have to get some help convincing them that you’re really the owner. If not, then the police may be willing to help you, since I’m sure they don’t like being called out repeatedly for no good reason.

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Author: House Attorney