How Can I Get My Father’s Possessions Back?

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My father passed away very recently while I was out of state. My daughter’s mother and her husband went to the mortuary to make all the arrangements. Next, they went to my father’s house and pressured my father’s girlfriend by calling the police on her and forcing her to give up my father’s possessions, his wallet, car keys, house keys, bank and credit cards. They then looted the house for all they could get including bank statements, family heirlooms, even the dogs and lawnmower. They have numerous times texted me and said they would give the stuff over but then refuse to give it over. They have stolen stuff that should have been mine, being I’m the only child and next of kin. What can I do?

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You should make an itemized list of all the possessions that were taken by your daughter’s mother and her husband. Go to your local police station and file a theft report for them to investigate. You will likely have to provide proof that they have no legal claim to the items that were taken. Try and work with the police to resolve the matter. If this fails, you may have to go through the court system to have the items returned to your possession. You should contact an estate attorney for legal assistance and guidance.

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Author: House Attorney