Does This Letter State That I Am Still Responsible for Taxes Owed to the State of Indiana Prior to Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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I received this letter after filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: ORDER ON TRUSTEE’S OBJECTION TO CLAIMS FILED – At South Bend, Indiana on March 17, 2008. This matter came before the Court on the Trustee’s Objection to Claims Filed and notice having been given to the claimant and no response having been filed with the Court and the Court being duly advised in the premises IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED that Claim NO. 1 filed by the Indiana Department of Revenue is disallowed in its entirety, SO ORDERED. My question is whether this letter states that I am still responsible for taxes owed to the State of Indiana prior to filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or not?

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Based on the information you provided, because the claimant failed to provide a response regarding the Trustee’s Objection, the claim was disallowed by the Bankruptcy Court. Hence, you may not owe the State of Indiana taxes; however, you should have a local bankruptcy attorney review the order to make sure that there is nothing therein that may still subject you to paying the taxes owed.

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Author: House Attorney