Does Renter Have Recourse if an Amenity is Taken Away?

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“I rented a condo in a lakefront complex beginning in December 2011. One of the amenities that helped make my decision and select this complex was the ability to take advantage of the docks and boat slips that are available to rent at an additional cost through the HOA.  In January the HOA passed a resolution prohibiting non-resident owners from renting a boat slip, and tenants are not allowed to enter into any transactional relationship with the HOA. Therefore, I am unable to take advantage of the amenity of leasing a boat slip. Do I have any recourse?”

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I assume you mean recourse against your landlord.  So my question is, was this boat slip right part of your lease?  If not, how was your landlord supposed to know that this right (which he has no direct control over) was a key part of your decision to rent?

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