Does Receiving Welfare Relieve a Person from Paying Child Support?

“I’m asking a question regarding Child Support Enforcement. I know of two men, my relatives, who are obligated to pay child support. I have another relative who claimed to be on welfare to keep the judge from issuing a child support order against her. What shocked me was the judge almost did it, but he researched and realized that she was only getting Medicaid and delivered a child support order. I had to ask because these two men DO receive welfare cash payments. One receives, what’s called, General Assistance, in Pennsylvania. The other one receives TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families). Both have outstanding child support orders and both have arrearages. The one who’s getting General Assistance has an ongoing case and the one who gets TANF has only an arrearage case. Please tell me if these cases are enforceable in the terms of child support. Also, what is the Statute of Limitations of Child Support Payments? Thank you.”

They both should continue to be enforceable. Child support is due until paid. It is not even dischargeable in Bankruptcy.

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