Does Ohio Require You to State “Abuse” in Dissolution Filings?

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“A friend of mine is going through a dissolution in Columbus, Ohio. I just checked the “Domestic Case Detail” in the public court records. In the records it states “Applied- Child Abuse” and “Applied- Domestic Violence Shelter”.

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My question is, why would these 2 items be applied for? Are these items stating that his soon-to-be ex-spouse is claiming that he was abusive to them or is this a formality that is required by the court to be applied for?”

We are not Ohio attorneys, and this is a very highly Ohio-specific question.  That said, the easiest way to determine this would be simply to ask your friend (and really, it should be him who is checking this);  if he was served with a notice to appear to answer charges of child abuse, or an order relating to child abuse, then it would most likely mean that his soon-to-be-ex has alleged it.  If your friend is confused as to what is going on, he should ask his attorney.  If he doesn’t have an attorney, he needs to get one, asap, as whether it is applied for, or alleged, or being adjudicated, allegations of child abuse are nothing to take a chance with.

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