Can My Daughter’s Boyfriend Force Her Out Of Their Shared Home?

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My daughter and her fiance co-own a home that was purchased from inheritance money given to the fiance as a gift from his mother solely for the purchase of a home. They have been together for 13 years and have two children ages 11 1/2 and 4 1/2. He had an affair and left the family of three in the home. He has since had a baby from that affair. Is he allowed to force her to sell this home? They are both equal owners on the deed and the home is mortgage free. He has presented her paperwork demanding that she sell and states if she doesn’t sign by week’s end she will lose her 50% stake. He has no desire to have the home and she cannot afford to buy him out.

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Normally, when co-owners cannot agree to continue co-owning the property, one of three things happens: one party buys the other out, they sell the property and split the proceeds, or they end up in a lawsuit.

We’re not aware of any way a co-owner can make the other owner “lose” their ownership interest on demand. We would, however, suggest that your daughter immediately have an attorney review the paperwork that the fiance presented, so she’ll know what her best option is.

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Author: House Attorney