Can my Boyfriend and I Adopt my Teenage Daughter’s Baby?

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“I live in the state of Texas and I would like to know if me and my boyfriend or common law husband can legally adopt my 14 year old daughters baby after it is born? She has already stated to me that she wants us to raise the baby as if we were the birth parents. I know that I will be able to adopt the baby because I am the Grandmother but him I don’t know about. Also to adopt a close family members do you have to be a legal resident?”

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In order to get a full answer to your question, you will need to consult with an adoption attorney in the state of Texas. However, generally speaking, it would be much harder for your boyfriend to adopt in conjunction with you then it would be if he were your husband, which would make it much simpler. Adopting a baby is a very big responsibility – far greater in many ways then getting married – so if you are prepared for him to adopt this baby, it would make sense that you would be prepared for the co-equal commitment of getting married. Also, very few states have common law marriage these days, and you will want to check to see if Texas does.

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