Can My Bill be Sent to Collections Even if I Pay the Minimum Balance On Time?

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My health insurance doesn’t pay for office visits. When I receive a bill, I pay what I can afford at the time. That isn’t good enough for the business and they are always threatening me with collections even though I have paid at the minimum fee of $25 each time I get a bill. Can they really come after me if I don’t set up payments with them beforehand? I always pay something right away. One bill was for $212. I sent $25 twice. I now owe $162 and was planning to pay another $25-$30 this time.

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You should request written information about the business’s payment and collection policy. Usually, every business has some type of policy regarding when outstanding accounts are sent to collection agencies. There may be some type of language in the policy that permits you to pay in installments throughout a certain duration of time. If so, you should cite to such language when speaking to a representative that request for full payment.

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