Can I Sue a Napkin Manufacturer if I Found a Toxic Substance on the Napkin and My Nose After Using it?

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“My mother was shopping for groceries at her local store and one of the items she bought were disposable paper napkins. Today I was visiting her and these napkins were on the table so I have used one to clean my nose. Next moment I noticed a black spot on it, I realized it got in contact with my skin and it looked like mould (mold) to me. I will contact local laboratory to run some tests. My question is could this be a potential case against manufacturer if the test comeback positive for toxic substance?”

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You could have a products liability case against the manufacturer and possibly the retail store if the lab results come back positive. Products liability cases are highly fact dependent. If you believe you have a claim you should speak with a local attorney who will be better able to assess your case.

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