Can I get Life Insurance for my Child’s Father if we’re Not Married?

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“I would like to know if i can obtain life insurance for my sons father? He and i were never married…but from my understanding he is allegedly on drugs. We live in the state of NC. He and i do not have the best relationship anymore…neither is his relationship with our sons on good terms. I know that he receives social security disability and i want to make sure that in the event that he dies…that there is a policy in place for him to have a burial. He is also a diabetic and if he is doing what has been reported to me..then he is playing a dangerous game with his life. He was very abusive toward me when we were together. We broke up in 1990. He does have a current girlfriend whom he is also very verbally abusive toward. I really don’t think they have any insurance established for him. He doesn’t keep up with his immediate family members and our sons are the only two relatives that he has in this state. Would i be allowed to obtain life insurance for him? I apologize for this being such a long question…but i wanted to make sure that i explained to you what the current situation is between the both of us.”

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For the most part, in order to take out an insurance policy on someone’s life you either need their consent or a Court order. Your son may have an insurable interest for child support for which you could get a Court to order life insurance to cover potentially missed child support payents. He may be willing to give consent for your son to have a policy on his life for which your son is the beneficiary.

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