Can I Deny My Neighbor Access to My Sewer Line?

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I own property in Orange County. The sewer line goes through my backyard. Recently, a gentleman bought the property across the street from me. He is requesting for me to let him tap into the sewer line so he can build more houses. Can I deny him access? Can he still get an easement without my approval?

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As a general rule, you aren’t required to grant an easement to someone. However, there may be some situations where you would be required to grant your neighbor’s request. For example, if there is an existing (but not yet used) easement on your property, or if the sewer company has been granted some rights that they can exercise in favor of your neighbor.

In the interest of good neighbor relations, I would seriously consider this request. If it’s being developed, paying you for the easement might be something your neighbor would consider. But can he run a sewer line across your property without your approval? Probably not.

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Author: House Attorney