Can a Father be Made Financially Responsible for a Child to Whom He Had No Rights?

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‘Hi, I have a question and I am in Ohio. My son’s father is currently incarcerated for attempted rape on his daughter from a previous relationship. He will be a tier 3 sex offender when he gets out and for the rest of his life. I do not want him to seek visitation with my son and want to get his parental visitation rights terminated. I know this will be fairly easy to do given his sex offender status. However I still feel like he needs to be financially responsible for our son. My question is can I have his visitation rights terminated but still receive child support?’If you have his rights terminated, then the court will not be able to order him to pay child support on a child that, in the eyes of the law, is no longer his. At this point you have to weigh your options
and decide which is more important to you: the child support and relationship between your son and his father or your concerns about the father’s ability to parent.

Question: As importantly, no matter what your ex has done, your son *has a right* to *know* his father, good or bad, and will likely come to resent you (as an adult, if not sooner) if you sever his connection to his father.