Can a Company Legally Require You to Surrender Your Driver’s License While Making Deliveries?

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“I am a truck driver and would like to know if when I am making a delivery do I have to surrender my drivers license? It is becoming company policy at many places. People are even making photo copies. Can I protect myself?”

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While state statutes vary in terms of permissible reasons that companies can photocopy government issued identification cards, such as driver’s licenses, it is generally permissible for companies to photocopy your ID for valid business purposes. While you don’t legally have to produce your ID, it may be a company policy that you do. Thus, if you do not provide a valid ID, then the company doesn’t have to let you make your delivery. If you are concerned about your privacy, you may want to speak with your employer about it; however, there probably isn’t much you can do outside of finding a new job.

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