Because of Jail Time and a Domestic Violence Issues with my Now Ex Husband the Father of my Children has Suspended my Parental Rights, What can I do to Regain them?

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“I have Bipolar Disorder, and wrote some bad checks and used a credit card illegally. I was in jail for one month. Then went through a domestic violence with my husband who is now my Ex- husband. The father of my two children keeps getting my parenting rights suspended because, of all that has happened this past year. What should I do to regain at least some visitation rights? I’m working now and paying child support again also.”

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Past mistakes have created a situation where you have needed to rehabilitate your image to the court. While the time in jail looks bad, it is more likely the concerns surrounding the bipolar disorder that has caused your temporary suspension of rights in relation to your children.

In order to rehabilitate your image you need to do the things to take care of yourself. Attend regular counseling, take your meds, stay out of trouble, etc. Sometimes easier said then done.

When you have your life in order, ask the -ex if he’s willing to let you see the kids. All he can do is say yes or no. If he says yes work out a parenting plan to ease you back into the children’s lives. If he says “no” use your newly found change of life an lifestyle as the change of circumstances necessary for the court to look at your case again and grant some timeshare between you and the children.

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