As Grandparents with Custody, What can we do If we don’t Believe that a Court Order is in the Best Interest of our Grandchild?

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“What happens when judge ignores best interest of child: we are grandparents who have custody of our 3 yr old grandson, CPS have proven parents unfit and neglectful. They were caught in lies in last court, concerning letting their pit bull attack gs, we had to drug test, they did not, judge still says little man has to go for visits.”

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If an order was truly not in a child’s best interests then it might create something subject to either appeal or modification. More likely than not, however, there will just be an order that you will need to comply with that you do not like. And even though you do not think the order is in the child’s best interests, you need to comply with it, or you may be subject to an action for contempt. Most of the time a child having _SOME_ relationship with parents, even imperfect or defective ones, is best for a child.

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