My Neighbor is Asking for an Easement on my Property, But I’m Planning to Sell it. How Will this Easement Affect the Sale of my Property?

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“My neighbor wants an easement on my property for his proposed sewer line. We will be selling our property within the next nine months. Are there any legal, physical or real estate sales issues if we grant the easement? What is the value of this easement?”

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Well, obviously if you do grant the easement you will need to disclose that fact to any prospective buyers. A properly written sewer easement (I strongly recommend you use an attorney for this) should not overly burden your property, though it will prevent, for example, building something which would prevent access to the sewer line for repairs. Other than leaving reasonable access, a sewer easement should not have an impact on your use of the property.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how much an easement is worth, since it depends on too many factors: Where on the property is the easement, and how much area is covered? What kind of development, if any, will be prevented because of the easement? What are the provisions for maintenance and repairs? Even knowing all the facts, I have seen easements sold for nothing and for tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how much it is worth to the particular property owners.

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