Am I Responsible for Unauthorized Bill for Easement Property?

‘I have a Swimming Pool easement with my next-door neighbor. The easement includes a bathroom with a toilet. My next-door neighbor hired a plumber to unclog the toilet, however he did not contact me about this toilet problem. He wants me to pay for part of the $680.00 bill. I live in Tiburon, CA. Am I responsible for this bill?’

I’m not aware of any standardized terms of a “swimming pool easement,” so to answer your question you’ll have to refer to the text of the easement itself. Well-drawn easement documents will specify who has responsibility for maintenance of the easement improvements, and what happens in the event that responsibility is not met.

That having been said, it’s probably better for your neighborly relationship if you pay the bill this one time (even if it’s not technically your responsibility), but let your neighbor know that in future he should call you and let you call the plumber.