I got out of a Relationship with the Man who Fathered my Children, How will our Unmarried Status Affect Child Support? Since the Break Up he’s been Harassing me, What Can I Do?

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“I was never married, and CA is not common law – a 14yr relationhip, I have 3 children with this man who has a verbally abusive history with all in the family. We seperated now for 10 mos…What can I do to control his harrasing phone calls and emails? A restraining order? and how may I file for child support?”If a person’s behavior rises to the level of “harassment” you can file for a civil harassment restraining order. I am not sure whether his behavior rises to that level, as you have given no specifics.

Question: In the alternative, you may want to file a paternity action. In that action you can file a motion for child support, custody, and for the restraining order. In the alternative, you could simply file for a civil harassment restraining order, and commence an action through the local child support collection agency for the child support.