Will My Parental Rights Be Terminated?

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My cousin has a child who is 4-years-old. She was arrested for forgery and sentenced to 3 years with early release in late 2015. She owes about $1230.00 back child support to her child’s father. He is now asking for his wife to be able to adopt the child. My cousin just received papers of a court date for March 27th, 2014 for adoption of this minor child. Can this be legally done and what are the mother’s rights? This is in the state of Indiana.

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Based on the information you provided, it sounds as though your cousin’s parental rights are being challenged (possibly terminated) in order for the step-mom to legally adopt the minor child. Every state has different rules and requirements regarding the termination of parental rights. Such terminations are very fact dependant and vary on a case-by-case basis.

Your cousin needs to consult with a family law attorney immediately regarding the issue in order to best preserve her rights.

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