Will Cheating Reduce Father’s Chances of Obtaining Custody of Child

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“My boyfriend walked out on me and our 6 month old son two days ago.  I was with him once before, but he found out I was pregnant and left me, then I found out he was cheating on me with his ex-girlfriend.  I want to know if I have a good chance on getting full custody of my little boy.”

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Yes, you can file for custody of your child, but that he was cheating on you, and even that he left you, will have no bearing on the amount of parenting time each of you will end up with.  That is why it is always best to try to reach an agreement, rather than having the court decide. If you and the father cannot come to an agreement about visitation, support, etc. outside of court, it may be to your benefit to see an attorney who practices family law in your area to guide you through the custody process to ensure the best outcome for you and your child.

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