Who is Liable for My Property Damage?

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My property backs up to a Golf course in Dallas Texas. It runs onto a stream flow into a 20 ft. easement with a culvert that leads to a pond for drainage when it rains. Unfortunately it turns into a river and my property is being flooded. I have brought this issue to the attention of the appraisal board. The board has devalued my property twice now since 2006. I cannot sell my property in this condition. I have had the city engineer and the director of the golf course meet with me on my property and show them pictures of the water in my yard. The city says they cannot do anything because it is the golf course property. The golf course director said he cannot take any action that would mess up the course; however they are steady bringing in more yards of dirt and sand to improve their property while the water is getting closer to my back door. WHo is liable?

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It sounds like the person you need to talk to is not the course director, but a lawyer. If your neighbor is making changes to their land that increases the water flow onto your land, they’re generally are responsible for the damage caused, and if they’re blowing you off and making the situation worse, you need to take action.

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Author: House Attorney