Niece is Being Taken Advantage of Financially by Guardian Aunt

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“My aunt has partial guardianship of me and partial guardianship over my affairs, meaning my money.   She acquired guardianship in 2007 and ever since then has abused her power.  She has taken so much money from me, I can’t even describe. My sister and I just moved into an apartment and she is continuing taking money from me.  My sister has had to pay for everything. Basically, I don’t know how to prove it.  I get Social Security disability. I get $698 every month, and I used to get 669.  My aunt has the power to take money out whenever she wants, and then say it was for me.  I feel absolutely powerless to stop her.  I need your advice; anything you can tell me will help a lot.  My sister and I are reaching our breaking point if you could give me some advice.  It will be very much appreciated.  Thank you for your time.”

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In this situation, it sounds like there is some sort of judgment giving your aunt guardianship over you and your finances.  If you have proof that she is not acting in your best interests, you can file to appeal the order giving her that guardianship.  Contact an attorney in your area to assist you in appealing that judgment and to discuss all of your options regarding your concerns over your finances.

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