Neighbor Working from Home; Causing Headache for Other Tenants

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“My neighbor works for a family owned business that is fully licensed, however she works from home which is a rental (she lives downstairs we live upstairs). My first question is, is it legal to be doing this and having business meetings in her rental home? My biggest problem is that our shared driveway is constantly used for business parking and the driveway is always full of cars, making it so that if we want to have company while there is a meeting going on, our guests have to park down the street. Is my neighbor legally allowed to do this?â€

Your neighbor’s lease may or may not restrict business use of the property, but that’s between your neighbor and her landlord. However, there’s a good chance that your area is zoned in such a way as to exclude business use, for just the reasons you’re describing. Take a look at your local zoning codes, and if this business violates them, then you’re in a very strong position to get the over-parking stopped.

As a matter of neighborlyness, I’d talk to the neighbor and try to work something out before calling the police or code enforcement, but that’s an option as well.