My Infant Daughter’s Grandparents are Posting Pictures of Her Online Without My Permission. How Can I Stop Them?

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‘I have a daughter who is fourteen months old. Her grandparents are posting pictures of her on the internet, without my permission. Can I sue them since I’ve asked them nicely to stop and take them down?’

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This is a very interesting question that you raise. In theory you could probably bring a lawsuit, under a violation of privacy action, however a simpler and less expensive route might be to send an email to both grandparents, *and* to the internet site where they are posting the pictures (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) explaining that they are violating your privacy over your objections, and demanding that they removed in order to avoid further legal action. You don’t say whether these are your parents or your daughter’s father’s parents; if the latter, it would be a good idea to have *him* write the email, or to send a similar one.

It would be even better if you include a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take down notice; you can read about those, and find a sample take down notice, here:

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