My Husband’s Ex is Harassing Us. What Can We Do?

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‘My husband’s ex lives in Florida and we live in NY. Approx 5 years ago his child support case was deemed done and no more support was to be paid to his ex as per the courts. We have been getting harassing phone calls from his ex at night, where she curses, threatens and makes just horrible accusations that my children hear. We have had each number she calls from blocked on our home phone, but it continues. In the messages, she is stating that he is going back to court for child support for their one surviving daughter – the other passed away 1 year ago. She is also saying he has a child from an affair and will be going to court for child support for that one as well – this affair is crazy! She lies, makes things up, etc. My question is how do we go about filing any type of legal paperwork (and what type) in regards to getting these calls stopped completely and if this was to go to court for child support, can she legally have child support started again when it was already dissolved? Their child is now 24 and although handicapped, she has been emancipated through the courts. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as the calls are upsetting our children and they should not have to listen to this woman.’

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Your best bet is to change your number to an unlisted number *and* request a restraining order through the courts. You will most likely need to get the restraining order in New York, and then register it with the court in Florida that has jurisdiction of your ex’ family law case. You would be best advised to have an attorney help you with the restraining order, to make sure that it is done properly, and covers everything that you need it to. Good luck.

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