My Fiance’s Ex Won’t Finalize the Divorce

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‘Hi, I live in Philadelphia, Pa. My fiance filed for a divorce (from someone else) 6 years ago and it still has not gone through. The lawyer he fired filed in Cameron County, for whatever reason, and now says he can’t push it through unless we file in Philadelphia. His ex wants $1,000.00 to sign the papers, yet they have no assets together. At the time of their separation they lived in an apartment that he paid for, and left; she got the deposit back. She also went and emptied their bank account with all their money and his last paycheck in it. He was driving a truck that was in her name, which she told him to give back and he did. Now she wants payments for it since she had to pay them because he gave it back to her, after she told him she wanted it back. She wants $500.00 for a gas card that is in her name that she claims he used.
I just am wondering if there is a way to get the divorce pushed through since has been six years, we now have a child together and she has never pushed for this to be resolved?’

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Yes. Get a different lawyer.

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