My Ex Wants to Terminate his Parental Rights to Avoid Paying Child Support, What Should I Do?

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“My ex wants to voluntarily sign over his rights if I stipulate that by doing so he is no longer responsible for child support. I would like him to do so so that I will be in charge of making the major decisions in my daughters life as he is not involved in her life much and cares more about the money issues than seeing her. I will not cut off contact as I feel it is important she still sees her dad even though he has court ordered supervised visits as of now. My ex is Bi Polar and frequently makes decisions on whims, signing over his rights was his idea and it sounds good to me as I will be assured he wont drag me into court all the time anymore? is this a good solution I am confused.”

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It is a horrible solution. Children need the love and support of both parents. Again, YOUR DAUGHTER DESERVES the LOVE AND SUPPORT of BOTH PARENTS. Just because he does not want to pay is not a good reason to take her out of his life.

She did not choose to be born, but she is. She only has two biological parents. Statistically, your daughter will have a better chance to grow up to be a happy healthy adult if she has continuing and frequent contact with both parents. Even if you do not need his money, be careful about making decisions for your daughter that will have such a broad impact on her life.

I am purposefully ignoring the fact that father may not be able to simply cede his responsibilities if nobody else is willing to take them on. But do check with a local attorney and a counselor before making any decision like this for your daughter.

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