My Ex Used Money Donated to our Son While he had Cancer, How can I get Back the Money Owed to my Child?

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“As a child, my son had cancer and was given money by city police officers, (called a “10-13″) totaling 13,000 in case our medical coverage became exhausted. My ex husband and I have been divorced about 4 years now and he says he doesn’t have the money because he spent it on all the furniture that we owned at that time. I was never apprised that everything he bought for the apartment was from my son’s money. When he left us, he took the money from our then bank account. What can I do to get back what is owed to my son? My son is now 21 years old.”You will need to contact a local attorney who specializes in family law in your area, and possibly a tax attorney as well, as this is such a specialized, fact-specific situation. Depending on the laws in your state, you may have a case, or your son may have a case, or there may be no case at all. Contact someone soon, as you may also be facing a statute of limitations, which would mean at some point – if there is a case – it will expire.