My Ex Removed Me as His Benficiary, Despite it Being a Condition of Our Divorce. Can He do This?

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‘I live in Monroe County, PA. My divorce was final in March of 2010. According to the conditions of our divorce agreement, my ex is to keep me on as his beneficiary for his social security, pension, annuity benefits and life insurance policies.

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He notified me today that he has changed the beneficiary to all of his policies to our sixteen year old son. He said the money will go into a trust if it’s a natural death. Is he allowed to do this even though the divorce agreement states that I am to be listed as his beneficiary?’

This will depend almost entirely on the exact wording of your divorce decree, along with a few external factors, such as whether any of your ex’s benefits are derived from a Federal program (as Federal trumps state).

You will need to have an attorney in your state, who is familiar with retirement plans, review your divorce orders.

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