My Ex is Claiming our Children on her Taxes When I have Full Custody, What Should I Do?

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“I live in Hinesville Georgia. I separated from my wife 2 years ago when I caught her cheating. I took the 3 kids and she moved in with her lover. I have never asked her for a dime and she does not see the kids often enough. QUESTION: SHE HAS CLAIMED THE KIDS ON HER TAXES THESE PAST 2 YEARS AND THEY ARE IN MY CUSTODY 100% I never received the divorce papers, but she brought me a copy with A FORGED SIGNATURE that states she has full custody. WHAT CAN I DO?????? I went to file my taxes ( I let her keep the $$ when she claimed the kids in 2005 it wasn’t worth fighting over $$ I had the kids and we’re all happy) However, I made it clear and she did agree that for 2006 I would claim the children SINCE THEY ARE IN MY CUSTODY….WHAT CAN I DO? I FEEL HELPLESS AND LOST….. Please advise…..”

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File a fraud action with the IRS. They can sort it out. Make sure you do get the custody squared away in a family law action.

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