My Ex Boyfriend Wrote me Bad Checks and Used my Credit Cards Running up a Large Debt, What can I do to get Compensation?

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“In a past relationship my boyfriend ran up quit a bit of debt. This included checks he wrote me and then cashed in my account. These checks bounced, although I was out the money. He also made many charges on my credit card. We have not been together for over 5 months; however, I am still paying on these loans. What should I do?”

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You could sue him in small claims court for what he owes you. You could notify the credit card company of any unauthorized charges on your bill, and see if they will remove them (it may be too late, but you could try). For bounced checks, there may be a department of your state attorney that processes claims against people for dishonored checks. You could ask him to pay you what he owes you and see if he’d enter into a payback plan.

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