My Child’s Mother Moved Out of State without Telling Me, What Can I Do?

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“I live in Los Angeles, Ca and my Ex fiance and i have a 17 month old son who she refuses to let me have any contact with. Now the court entered a judgement that i can have supervised visitation with my son when agreed upon by both parents. The twist is now that the judgement was entered in November I called the House where i was led to believe that my Ex and my son were staying at only to have the Grandmother answer the phone and tell me that they now live in New York. I was never notified about the move to New York by her family or her lawyer. Are there any charges that can be filed? And what can I do as a single father to see my son?”File papers with the same judge who made the order to enforce the timeshare order. Each missed visit is another count of contempt. If there an order preventing her to leave the state, the DA might press kidnapping charges.

Question: Enforce your rights. As this happened in November and you are making casual inquiries 3 months later, the Court might not be impressed with your diligence.