Issues with Receiving Child Support from Garnished Wages – Dear Esq.

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“My childs father is currently ordered to pay me 568.00 a month in child support. Me and the father talk pretty regular so he informs me of how much is taken out of his check and from what he tells me..they are taking out almost the full amount but i’m not receiving half of that money on my end in support. I honestly was receiving more from him before the support than what i’m receiving now and that is so backwards. I feel like now i’m being i made a mistake putting him on child support in the first place. My question is why are they taking out more than i’m receiving? Our child is fairly young (23 months) so he couldnt owe me that much in back child support for me not receive hardly anything. And i thought back child support for my child and not the state or who ever handles my case.”

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In situations like this, it is almost always the case that at some point the custodial parent has received aid from the state, such as AFDC, food stamps, or Medicaid. Once the non-custodial, support-paying parent’s wages are garnished, the state will take some of that money to repay the aid that the state provided to the custodial parent.

This is also true when the custodial parent goes to the DA and requests assistance with child support. Again, any monies, or the value of any services, provided by the state will be reimbursed.

You should contact your case worker to determine the exact amounts, and when you are likely to start receiving the full amount.

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