Is the Receivership Liable for Events That Occur As a Result of a Money Scam?

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“I was a victim in a money scam case that led to waiting for the receivership to make distributions of whatever monies they have recouped. The receivership mailed the checks to wrong address and the addressee cashed them (forging my name). My home address has never changed and I have received other documents from this receivership pertaining to this case but when they sent out the actual check they sent it to a wrong address and it was cashed. My question is: Is the receivership liable for any of the events that have taken place here? If not, what do I do????? Please help.”

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The receivership should have put a stop payment on the check as soon as the mistake was known and had the bank put a trace on the check to find out who cashed it. This is a criminal matter, and the police should be investigating into the check forger—this is a serious criminal offense. You should also work with the receivership to have them send you the money you were owed. If you can prove they sent the check to the wrong address, they need to make it right—especially since this is a result of a legal action they were pursuing for you. If they are unwilling to work with you, you may also try contacting a local attorney to discuss your options.

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