Is a Stipulation for Judgement Necessary to Pay Off Debt Owed to HOA?

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“I got behind my HOA payments, and then made an arrangement to pay $1000 a month to get things caught up.  But, the lawyers paid by the HOA have convinced the HOA Board that I need give them a signed and notarized Stipulation for Judgement by both my husband and I.  I was the one who incurred the debt, not my husband.  My husband does not need to know of this debt, and I can pay the money on my own.  Is a Stipulation for Judgement legally required to pay off this debt?”

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 It is not legally required, but if it is a condition of the agreement then the HOA isn’t required to stop their collection efforts if you don’t.

 I would suggest you put it to them why they need this extra document, and what happens if you don’t get it to them.  Remind them that you have been making regular, timely payments to bring your account current.

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