Is a Decreed Custody Visit Alway an Uninterupted Amount of Time?

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‘Hi, I have a question about summer visitation:
My daughter’s father and I share legal custody, and I have sole physical custody of our daughter. He typically gets her every other weekend, winter and spring break (he gets 1st half and I get the 2nd half every spring and winter). On odd years he also gets her on holidays and on her birthday. Every summer he has her from July 1st – 15th, and again August 13th – 27th. It does not specify on the decree whether or not the visits are uninterrupted. And if so, is my summer with her (from July 15th – August 13th) also uninterrupted? We divorced in Prince William County. I live in Fairfax County and he is still in Prince William County.’

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The answer to your question depends entirely on the precise wording of your order, however generally speaking, if an order says “Parent has the child with them from Date #1 to Date #2, then yes, that means straight through, uninterrupted.

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